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She cares postpartum consulting

PROVIDING you with the education and support you need to navigate the postpartum period successfully

Offering guidance and support through the postpartum period

At She Cares™️, our mission is to provide guidance and support to women during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. We believe that every woman deserves the best possible care during this transformative time in their lives, and we strive to empower women to make informed decisions that promote optimal health and wellbeing for themselves and their families.


She Cares provides a high level of expertise and knowledge to their clients. With my unique combination of practical experience and academic expertise, I am well-positioned to provide valuable postpartum consulting services that meet the diverse needs of new mothers and their families.

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Holistic Approach

She Cares provides a holistic approach to postpartum care, focusing not just on the physical recovery but also on the emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being of new mothers.

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Flexible Options

She Cares offers a variety of postpartum consulting services, including in-person consultations, virtual consultations, and ongoing support packages.

Mother and Baby's Hands


  • Initial consultation
  • Delivery preparation coaching
  • Anticipatory guidance for the postpartum period
  • Support through email or phone

Prenatal consulting

Postpartum consulting

  • Initial consultation
  • Postpartum education coaching
  • Nutritional coaching
  • Hormonal changes coaching
  • Emotional support coaching
  • Support through email or phone

She cares

postpartum consulting by Dr. Shecarra cook

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